Functions of the Health Research Institutes.

  1. The National Health Research Institute shall promote and coordinate health research in Pakistan and act as the custodian of public research funds.
  2. The Institute shall perform such functions as are directed and assigned by the Federal Government or the Board.
  3. To promote, organize, coordinate, and conduct scientific research in the field of health, including allopathy, homeopathy, herbal, Unani, ayurvedic and traditional medicine-
    1. Ensure ethical compliance of medical and health-related research to establish national and international standards;
    2. Provide financial support for health research through grants and fellowships;
    3. Evaluate submitted research proposals for scientific quality, ethical compliance and validity of outcomes in order to grant funds for the research purpose;
    4. Oversee research projects funded by the NIH for scientific integrity and ethical compliance;
    5. Establish a National Bioethics Committee to coordinate and promote ethical oversight as necessary for biomedical research in Pakistan;
    6. Advise the Federal and Provincial Governments and any other relevant body or organization on matters related to health research;
    7. Establish, strengthen and expand bioinformatics for support of research;
    8. Establish linkages with national and international research institutions, bodies and organizations as well as relevant community groups and agencies; and
    9. Develop financial and other resources for its functions and the support of research.