Functions of the Health Data Center

  1. The Health Data Center shall function as the central national repository for all aspects of health information and data.
  2. The Center shall perform such functions as are directed and assigned by the Federal Government or the Board, including;-
    1. Access from relevant authorities information and data and house, collate and analyze all health information and epidemiologic data nationally;
    2. Establish a central repository for all aspects of health information and data to ensure its easy availability in digital format;
    3. Provide appropriate data analytics;
    4. To maintain and continually update data on maternal and neonatal health, neonatal, child health immunizations, adolescent and communicable diseases, and non-communicable diseases, population and demographics, health accounts, health services, health system including human resource, supplies, equipment and infrastructure;
    5. To develop and advise the adoption of the standards and methods standards and methods for efficient and secure exchange and interoperability of healthcare data and information.
  3. The Center shall ensure that its advice, policies, material, research and reports are available to the general public on the website of the NIH.